We Make Solar Easy and Lucrative for Commercial Landlords

Free solar installation

Additional revenue stream

EPC rating increase


Fully managed, insured and maintained

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Commercial real estate developers, investors and managers can all benefit from rooftop solar without the hassle. With our Solar as a Service offering you can earn additional revenue from solar installed on your commercial properties roof, while also benefiting from the EPC improvement it provides, making your property more attractive to commercial tenants.

The benefits for you

Zero upfront cost

There is no upfront cost for the system –
we fund it for you.
You don’t need to secure any loans either,
keeping your balance sheet clean

Revenue share

You get a revenue share from the energy
sold to your tenants, depending on your
preferences. This can be boosted if you
choose to co-invest in your solar

EPC improvement

Your property gets a free EPC
improvement from our solar install, which
will help you meet the tightening EPC
regulations and decrease the amount
you might have otherwise have had to
spend to meet these regulations.

Green your portfolio

You get the benefits of rooftop solar on
your property, while helping to make your
portfolio more green – all without taking on
the long term risk of investing in your own
solar system.

Hassle free

We do all the planning and manage the
installation. We provide the ongoing
monitoring, management, insurance,
cleaning and maintenance.

Attracts new tenants

Our solar PA’s start from as little as 3
years, with costs as low as 14p/kWh.
They even come with a Price Guarantee,
ensuring that your tenants are not paying
over the odds for their clean energy.

How it works

We install solar on your building and don’t charge you anything. We manage and maintain the solar system for you. We deal with any licencing requirements, so you don’t have to. The system is insured and cleaned as required. We work directly with your tenants to provide them with a power purchase agreement (PPA) for cheaper, greener energy.

If your tenant moves out, we provide the energy to your new tenant when they move in and don’t charge you anything while the property is empty, like other PPA providers would.

If you decide to sell the property, you can pass on the lease to the new owner. As there is no financial risk, with a potential revenue upside, this is easy to do.

When the system reaches end of life, we recycle it, so you are not left with this cost yourself, like other PPA providers.

If you want to own it, we provide an option to buy the system from us. Terms and conditions apply.


We make it easy for you


One contract

We use common contract terms to lease
the airspace above your roof from you for
the life of the system.


We work with your commercial tenant

We deal with your commercial tenant and
have an agreement with them to buy the
energy generated by the panels.
We deal with all contract renewals and
tenant change overs with regards to the
solar energy PPA’s.


We manage the system

We manage and maintain the system so
it operates at peak performance at all


We fund the system

There are no upfront costs and no need to
spend your own CapEx, have any loans
or leases. Although, there is the option to
co-invest if you prefer.


We plan the system

We look at your commercial tenants
energy needs and design a system that
works for the building and for their energy


Clean energy

We provide you with a commercial
rooftop solar system so your building has
an improved EPC rating.

Revenue share option

We can pay you a revenue share of the solar energy sold to your tenants from the commercial solar system installed on your roof.

You can choose the percentage of revenue share you want/need applied, up to 10%. Many landlords choose not to take a revenue share, or to keep the revenue share low as it incentivises tenants to stay in the building. However, the choice is yours.

You also have the option to co-invest from 20% to 100% of the solar installation cost to increase the revenue you can earn. If you invest less that 100%, we will treat the investment as a loan and pay you an interest rate, on top of the revenue share. If you choose to invest 100% of the costs then we can either treat this as a loan, or act as a management company for your solar installation.