Enabling commercial tenants to access cleaner, cheaper solar energy


Save up to 30%
on energy


Lease aligned Contracts


Zero upfront

Energy price guarantee

We provide all the benefits of rooftop solar, on a pay per kWh basis, aligned to your lease. Solar as a Service makes it easy for commercial tenants who lease their business properties to get solar. We work with your landlord to install and maintain the system, so you can benefit.

The benefits for you

Save money

Get access to electricity which is up to
30% less expensive compared to grid
energy suppliers. Prices starting as low as

Zero upfront cost

There is no upfront cost for the system –
we fund it for you. No CapEx spend or
loans required from you or your landlord.

Flexible contracts

Our PPA contracts start from as little as 3
years and are aligned to the length of
your lease. This makes it easier for you
to plan ahead in your business.

Fixed prices

We can fix the price of your energy for up
to 7 years without inflation being applied.
This gives you peace of mind for financial
planning and forecasting.

Reach climate goals

100% of the green energy credentials of
your rooftop solar are applied to your
business. Helping your company reach its
climate goals and save money at the

No risk

You get all the benefits of rooftop solar
without taking on the long-term
investment, maintenance and return
risks associated with renewable energy
assets. We even provide a price

How it works

We fix your energy price for a duration that suits you. Our fixed Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) flex between 3 and 7 years and can be aligned to your property lease agreement. The longer the contract, the cheaper the solar energy.

You buy the solar energy generated by the panels. Any extra energy needed during higher usage or winter months is supplied by your grid energy supplier.

If you renew your lease, your PPA rolls over so you continue to benefit.

If you move out at the end of your lease, you have nothing to worry about as your PPA agreement with us will end.

When your fixed term ends your contract will automatically renew for 12 months with an inflation adjusted increase. At any point outside of your fixed term we can agree a new fixed term at an agreed price.

Our Fair Price Guarantee. If at any time outside of your fixed PPA term our energy price is more than what you are currently paying to your Energy Supplier then we will attempt to beat that price. If we can’t, we will match it. You will not see this from other PPA providers. (Terms and conditions apply)


We make it easy for you


You get energy pricing per kWh

Continue to buv enerav on a per kWh
basis. It’s easy to understand and factor
into your existing business energy needs.


We work with your landlord

We deal with your landlord and have an
agreement with them to keep solar
panels on the roof.


We manage the system

We insure, monitor, manage and
maintain the system so it operates at
peak performance for you.


We fund the system

There are no upfront costs and no need to
spend your own CapEx or have any loans
Or leases.


We plan the system

We look at your energy needs and design
a system that works for the building and
for your energy needs.


Clean energy guarantee

We give you regular energy generation
updates to include in your ESG and
sustainability reporting.

Battery Storage

If you don’t use most of your energy when the sun shines, then we can provide a battery storage option to help you maximize your cheaper solar energy.

This produces less CO2 emissions than using grid energy. In some instances, your battery can be setup as a backup power source for critical and low power loads.

If requested, we will size a battery, based on your requirements and give you a simple monthly price for the service. This service will have the same contract term as your solar energy contract (Power Purchase Agreement), so you can make the right choice for your situation and get the most from your solar panels.