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With SunFlex a typical four-bedroom family home could save £527 in year one and with zero upfront costs, they start saving immediately!

Our Calculations
  • This example is a four-bedroom family home in Essex using 4,000kWh of electricity each year, with a 6kWp solar installation facing south and a 5.2kWh battery.
  • It is estimated that this system will generate 6,562kWhs of electricity from the solar panels each year on average. 45% of this will be used by the home, with the rest being sold to the grid via the SEG scheme (earning a fixed rate of 15p/kWh through the Octopus Outgoing Fixed tariff)
  • Without solar, in year one this household pays £1,344 on its electricity bill. With our Solar Subscription, the total bill is £816. The average monthly bill therefore reduces from £112 to £68. The solar system lowers their annual consumption of grid electricity. They also benefit from SEG payments (Smart Export Guarantee) made directly to them from their supplier. With our £69/month subscription they make £527 savings (39%) in year one.
  • We’ve used the January 2024 Price Cap (29p/kWh) to calculate the cost of grid electricity and assumed a fixed SEG rate of 15p/kWh through the Octopus Outgoing Fixed tariff. If another export rate was used the savings could be higher or lower based on what was achieved. For example, historically the Octopus Outgoing Flux has paid more than 15p/kWh on average, but it is a variable rate, so could also pay less.
  • Average yearly energy generation estimate has been used, rather than using the 95th percentile which is recommended by MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme), as this better reflects the likely output of the system and therefore the likely savings over the years. However, from year to year the actual solar generation figures could be up to 23% higher or lower.
  • This system is expected to save 1.7 tonnes of CO2 each year, which over its lifetime is equivalent to avoiding 30,864 miles of driving.

How it works

Your £69/month SunFlex Solar Subscription, which includes up to 14 solar panels and a 5.2kWh battery will start cutting your electricity bills from day one.

Here is how it works:

  • We select only the best solar panels and battery equipment for your piece-of-mind.
  • We get one of our vetted, MCS approved solar installers to install the agreed system, with no upfront cost to you.
  • The solar panels start generating electricity, which they do all year round. The battery stores any excess energy that you don’t use right away, so you can use it later when needed.
  • You automatically get paid for any solar energy you cant use or store.
  • The more panels we can fit on your roof the higher your savings will be. We will install as many solar panels as we can for the same low price of £69/month, up to a maximum of 14 panels.

How can this work?

It sounds too good to be true!

This is part of the Unbound Energy magic – we use the solar and battery system to drive down your electricity bills and save on emissions. We also use it to help keep the electricity flowing in your local area. By doing this, we generate additional income streams which we use to reduce the overall cost of the system to you – thereby maximising your savings and making this innovative solar subscription possible – we call it SunFlex.

We are the solar experts, so you don’t have to be

Flexibility for you

Subscriptions length

  • SunFlex subscriptions start from as little as 3 years.
  • At the end of the subscription, you can renew your subscription, or purchase the system.
  • After 30 years, you own the system.

What if I move?

  • We can easily transfer the SunFlex subscription to a new owner of the property* for free at any time, or
  • The system can be purchased by you at any time, or by the new owner on completion.

Want to own the system?

  • You can purchase the system from us at any time. We will share the purchase price with you before you sign up for complete transparency.
  • The total cost is typically less than if you financed the system yourself.

Our vision is to locally power
every property with renewable energy

Subscribe to SunFlex
for £69/month

With no upfront costs

  • Lowest cost solar subscription on the market
  • Solar and battery system designed to save you as much as possible
  • Savings from day one
  • Best-in-class equipment
  • Only accredited installers
  • Finance is not secured against you
  • 24/7 remote monitoring for piece-of-mind
  • Insurance and repairs included
  • If the system stops working, we stop billing
  • Flexible when you move

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Going green is in the foundations of Unbound Energy. We are committed to reducing carbon emission by 10 million tonnes a year or more and are working towards BCorp certification.