Now everyone can benefit from the solar revolution including landlords and tenants

Tenant saves up to £350/year
Landlords Earns More
Zero upfront
Property EPC improves
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Residential Landlords
  • The landlord agrees an increase in the rent with the tenant, to cover the SunFlex solar subscription costs. Don’t worry, the tenant should save more than enough to cover this rental increase.
  • The landlord signs up for our SunFlex solar subscription and pays the monthly fee.
  • We fund, install, insure and manage the solar installation, so the landlord does not need to worry about it.
  • If the landlord sells the property the subscription can be transferred, or the solar system can be purchased at a price agreed upfront.
  • The landlord will also benefit from an increase in the homes EPC rating, which can sometimes help lower mortgage costs and increase the value of the property.
Residential Tenants
  • The tenant agrees in an increase to their rent, so the landlord can cover the monthly Sunflex solar subscription costs. This increase should be less than the tenant will save.
  • The tenant benefits from the ‘free’ electricity generated by the solar panels, any payments for excess electricity sold to the grid (SEG payments).
  • Together this can save the tenant up to £1400 on their energy bills per year, which after factoring in the rental increase can save the tenant up to £350 per year.
  • The tenants’ outgoings are reduced making them more financially resilient and more likely to stay.

We are the solar experts, so you don’t have to be

Flexibility for you


  • You can sign a contract for as little as 3 years.
  • At the end of the contract, you can renew the subscription, pay to have it removed or purchase the system.
  • If you sell the property, you can simply transfer the Sunflex subscription.


  • Your only contract is your lease agreement with your landlord. There is no contract directly with us.
  • You simply benefit from the solar installation on your rented home.
  • When your lease is up, you can move without any obligation. The new tenant will simply start benefiting from the solar  installation once they move in.

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