Solar subscription coming soon!



For years, numerous homeowners have faced barriers in accessing solar energy for their homes. The substantial upfront costs associated with installations, often reaching into the thousands, coupled with a lengthy payback period typically over 10 years, have made solar energy adoption a challenging proposition.

Given that the average duration a homeowner resides in their home is approximately 5 years, many find themselves unable to realise the return on their investment. This is holding back the adoption of a proven technology that can provide half the UK’s green energy needs. As the spectre of climate change looms over us, it is high time that the eco-friendly option becomes synonymous with financial prudence.

Recognising this challenge, the dedicated team at Unbound has been diligently crafting a solution to enable homeowners to reap the benefits of solar energy savings without the need to commit significant upfront capital. Introducing a ground-breaking approach, Unbound’s solar subscription offers a feasible alternative. Instead of requiring homeowners to bear the burden of a hefty initial expense, this innovative model allows them to access clean and renewable energy derived directly from the sun through a manageable monthly payment.

Not only does a solar subscription provide a sustainable energy source, but the inclusion of solar panels and a battery yields additional advantages. Homeowners are shielded from the unpredictability of energy prices, as the subscription ensures stable and foreseeable energy costs for the majority of their electricity needs. This strategic integration of solar technology not only addresses environmental concerns but also makes financial sense, aligning the pursuit of green energy with practical and economical benefits for homeowners. Most importantly of which, is helping homeowners save from day one!

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